Bubble and Chaos                                                                Enemies



Jack is probably angry because people cut lots of pumpkins just for halloween and start throwing them away the day after 

Jack hurls pumkins towards the player with good aim. Different pumpkins have varying effects on the player and   all pumpkins have double effects when its raining

Rotten Pumpkin
Damages player for [base damage*modifier] every second for 15 seconds
Additional pumkins with add [base damage] if the effect is already active. Max stack  of pumpkins is 5
Damage over time effect cannot be refreshed only damage every second percent is incremented. 
Ripe Pumpkin
Heals the player for 1% max health every second for 10 seconds
Applies [Vitamin A (Antioxidant)] on the player for 10 seconds. Cannot be refreshed
Vitamin A (Antioxidant) reduces all damage taken from any pumpkins by 60% 
Mythical Pumpkin
Removes all or any of these effects if they are active.
[Contagion],[Make Amends],[Debilitate Health],[Burden of Guilt],[Stricken by Grief]
Normal Pumplin
Has no special effect and does flat damage to player
Fermented Pumpkin
Deals Very Massive explosive damage to the player on contact. best to avoid


Summons animls to come and make your life a not so good experience inside the game.

Deal moderate to high damage. Very sluggish movements but capable of catching up to the player. Max bears that can spawn is 5
Deal 50% more damage at night
Deal low to moderate damage. Very fast and difficult to out-run.
When their time expires tigers will apply [Tiger Claws (Bleeding)] onto the player
Tiger Claws (Bleeding) deals damage every second for 10 seconds. Damage every second depends on number of tigers. Max tigers is 5 at a time
If not already active, Tiger Claws (Bleeding) also applies [Gaping Wounds (Trauma)] which lasts for 120 seconds. 
Deal 50% more damage at night
Falcon (Dangerous)
Blindingly Fast. Flies very high then dive bombs the player and applying [Talons (Bleeding)] which lasts 15 seconds
Deals 1% maximum health as damage every second.
If not already active, [Talons (Bleeding)] also applies [Gaping Wounds (Trauma)] which lasts for 120 seconds. 
Immobile. Lasts for 45 seconds
Spit venom at player that deals low damage on impact
If player is affected by [Gaping Wounds (Trauma)] venom may seep into the body and become a [Neurotoxin (+Paralysis)]. lasts 15 seconds
Neurotoxin (+Paralysis) gradually slows down the player over 10 seconds and leads to paralysis for 5 seconds. 
Neurotoxin (+Paralysis) will try and re-apply itself as long as [Gaping Wounds (Trauma)] is active as Neurotoxin (+Paralysis) is not currently active on the player
Flies above the player in a holding pattern and drops bones that deal impact damage. Lasts for 60 seconds
Very elusive and will not show up but will howl and apply [Pack Leader's Howl]. Lasts for 90 seconds
Pack Leader's Howl empowers all animals and they deal more damage (even if boosted already) and it also depends on the time of day.
[Day Time]:  +30% to all damage done
[Night Time]: +100% to all damage done
[Night Time + Full moon]: +250% to all damage


Tosses mushrooms at positions once visited by the player. All mushroom effects are doubled during the rain

Heals player for 15% of maximum health once.
Increases player max health permently by 10% for the remainder of the game level
Instantly heal player for 5% of max unmodified health (ignores Immensity state)
Heals player for 2.5% max health every second for 10 seconds
Subsequent mushroom will individually increase healing per second by 2.5% of max health
Lasts for 20 seconds. Applies a buff on the player [Turkey Tail (Revenge Immunity)]
While active, player is immune to damage from enemy workers when Overseer commands enemy workers to [Revenge]
Angel Wings
Removes the first negative mushroom effect it encounters between [Web Cap] or [Death Cap Mushroom] 
Instantly heals the player for 25% of missing health
Puff Ball
Damages player for 5% of maximum health and damages all enemies for 10% of their maxmum health
Fly Agaric
Disorients and stops the player from movement. lasts for 7 seconds
Sulfur Tuft
Stuns the overseer and prevents any new commands from being issued or the current one from completing. Lasts for 15 seconds.
The current command remains active for the duration of this mushrrom effects
Web Cap [LETHAL]
Delayed trigger. Effect is applied after 5 seconds. (small reaction window)
Damages player for         5% max health + random percentage in the range                    [1% - 5%] of max health 
Multiple instances trigger independent of each other. 
Rainfall doubles this mushroom effect
Death Cap [LETHAL]
Lasts for 10 seconds. Does flat base damage that is modified by a factor into final damage
25% chance every second to multiply final damge by a factor between                2x - 6x
Multiple instances of the same mushroom will multiply the final damage value by the number of mushrooms encountered
Rainfall doubles this mushroom effect
DEATH CAP and WEB CAP are extremely toxic mushrooms in real life and should not be touched or ingested. Take reasonable steps to ensure your health is yout priority and you stay safe all the time. 


Oracle are curious about outcomes they dont know and naturally they gravitate towards those whom they percieve as being able to 

defy predictions and make a new outcome that they have not foreseen. They dont hesitate to attack friend or foe just as long as their curiosity is sated.

Lasts for 60 seconds.
Instead of a chance every 45 seconds to summon an higher Infernal enemy. The oracle instead summons them for 100% chance every 10 seconds
Lasts for 25 seconds.
Player damage is reduced by 90%. Any damage increases applied by player during this time will be ignore when ability concludes
Lasts for 10 seconds.
Applies [Comforting Words] on the player, causing health regeneration of 0.5% every second with a 30% chance  to heal for 2x - 5x
Lasts for 30 seconds.
Temporarily granted immortality. player health [excludes shields] will not drop below the value when the ability started regardless of damage encountered even damage over time.
Lasts for 15 seconds.
For every 1 second of that ability that lapses, player loses 10 seconds of game time. 
Lasts for 15 seconds.
Oracle tosses a coin and selects an actionbased on toss outcome
heads - the lowest health percentage of an enemy worker is applied to all worker enemies as well as the player for every second. 
tails - player health percent is applied to all enemiesl. if player heals, all enemies will heal for the same percentage.