Bubble and Chaos                                                 Game Level Help

Tutorial Levels

Game does not offer an in-game tutorial instead level 1 - 7 slowly introduce you to most aspect of the game. from 8 level thats when the real nightmare begins. 

Level Description


Red - Harmful

Green - Beneficial

Yellow - Environment Specific

Blue - Benefits Enemies

How to Move

Moving the character is easy. A simple swipe across the screen will move the character in the same direction and it is recommended to move the character again once its has bounced a few time or is nearing rest unless if the situation requires you to try and run.


A single tap on the screen will result in a vertical bounce and tapping the screen again will cause another vertical jump from where you currently are positioned.

Continously tapping or swiping across the screen does not alway result in net beneficial movement and is not the recommended way to play however there are situattions were that kind of play can useful but not always

Win Condition

Normal levels have a win condition in order to be marked as complete.

Destroying 85-86% of all structures will trigger a level exit button. Tapping on the button will immediately end the level and it will be treated as a victory. This mechanic allows you to potentially complete a level that otherwise would have been lost.