Acccepting these Rules and terms is a condition for the use of the discussion forums


Being considerate of others goes a long way in creating and fostering a pleasent environment so when the time comes to pick a user name please do so with the knowledge that others will see it and names it is recommended you choose a name that is not offensive, not-appropriate or otherwise will not make another user uncomfortable in any way.



Always keep your login details private and under no circumstances should they be shared with anyone. Doing so may put your account and or your information at risk of being stolen.

L also agree that i will post only under my username and will not post on anyone else's account regardless of if i have the login credentials



You agree as a user that information you are posting is your responsibility and will not post copyrighted material unless with the xpress consent or approval from the owner. Otherwise, i agree that Square Cubed Studion shall not be held liable for any copyright infringements on any material that i post on my account.  

I also observe that the information and graphics on this sight are protected by all the relevent copyright laws and will not download unless with the xpress consent of the owner being Square Cubed Studio

Advertising, Selling, Soiliciting or otherwise Begging

Spamming in the forums or posting links to external products with the intention selling in any way shape or form is prohibited and is/are grounds for immediate ban, deletion of posts as well as account termination. This is an area for discussions and not commercial activity of any sort is allowed. Clarification of spamming is that reposting an earlier post is not considered spamming subject to frequencey of reposting and or contents of the post.


while disagreements are part of a discussion, we encourage civil behaviour as everyone posting is considered an adult. If in the event of a disagreement with another person, resorting to publicly outting the person with the intention of humiliation is not allowed on these forums and will be grounds for a warning or a permanent ban. It is advised that you contact the admistrators and raise your concerns


Private messaging rules

It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that Square Cubed Studio messaging systems shall not be used to defame another user or any other person for that matter. If in the event of litigation, Square Cubed Studio shall not be held liable for anything regarding the defarmation and it entirely the person responsible for posting who takes full blame

Offensive Material

You agree not to keep all posts clean and not post material that is false, vulgar, obscene, sexually-oriented, invading someone's privacy, or otherwise in violation of ANY law. Do not use ethnic slurs or hate speech. Do not libel or defame others. Do not use any profanity.

You agree that if you see any texts, photos, videos or other posts that offend you or you think may offend other members, that you will contact the site administrator as soon as possible.

Inappropriate content.

We reserve the right to edit or remove objectionable or inappropriate posts. We do not monitor all forum messages in real time or hold them for approval, so objectionable content cannot be removed until it is seen by the administrators. Violators who post objectionable content may receive a warning, or have their memberships terminated.

Double check content

The accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information posted by members in these forums is/has not (been) verified by Square Cubed Studio. The user (you) agrees that content posted in these forums is solely the responsibility of the author and Square Cubed Studio shall not in any way be held responsible for that content and this content does not represent the beliefs of Square Cubed Studio nor should the information posted by the user be considered as an endorsement by Square Cubed Studio in any way.

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